I made a prototype of level-up system. How does it work?

After destroying 15 blocks you get the first level-up and take a pleasure in destroying two common or diamond one per kick. Every ball gets +1 damage per level. One level and current progress will be removed if you lose the ball or crash on a block.

Every level is harder to get than the previous one. You need to destroy more and more blocks. The 5-th level is maximum.

Why I did it?

  • To have more fun!
  • To give players short-term motivation.
  • To motivate players to hold ball on the field.

Known issues

  • The physics of penetration work bad — balls twitch.
  • Ball’s level and level-up progress aren’t dependent on game’s level.
  • The UI is not good.
  • The experience curve is not balanced yet. I’ll be looking at the analytics and players’ feedback to balance this system.

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